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Dear Rosa Amelia,
Sorry for responding only now but I traveled a lot the last three months and could not managed to answer you earlier. Please find attached a photo of me and my daughter while we were in Machu Picchu . It was grea...
Monica Letts Family & Friends (Germany)
11 days / 10 nights Program: Cusco, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu, Puno Lake Titicaca & Tambopata

We booked our 10 day/11 night tour of Peru with this company and we only have PRAISE for them. The lady who prepared our tour, Rosa, was very thorough and precise with our wishes and catered for every single one of them. She took into consideration the fact that we wer...

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Peru Travel & Tourism News
Our selection refers to the main news about Tourism in Peru:

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News: Over 25.000 tourists visited Colca in Jan-Feb 2010.
Arequipa. Mar. 03 (ANDINA).- Over 25.000 tourists visited the Colca Valley in Arequipa during the first two months of 2010. up 20 percent compared to the same period last year. said the head of Colca Autonomous Authority (Autocolca). Jose Luis Talavera.

News: Peru declares 10 archaeological sites as National Cultural Heritage in La Libertad.
Lima. Apr. 04 (ANDINA).- The National Institute of Culture (INC) declared as National Cultural Heritage 10 prehispanic archeological monuments located in the district of Huamachuco. in the province of Sanchez Carrion. in La Libertad department.

These monuments are Shiracmaca 1. Shiracmaca 2. Shiracmaca 3. Cerro el To...

News: New7Wonders happy at Machu Picchu re-opening.
Cusco. Apr. 03 (ANDINA).- The New7Wonders Foundation expressed its great happiness at Machu Picchu returning to normalcy. for both its residents and for the many fans of the Incan city in the N7W community.

'Machu Picchu. the sprawling Incan citadel high in the Andes. was reopened Thursday with a special ceremony ...

News: Luxury hotel resort opens in Cusco's Sacred Valley.
Cusco. Apr. 02 (ANDINA).- Tambo del Inka. the first luxury hotel in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Cusco. opened its doors Friday. a day after the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu reopened to tourists.

According to

News: Peruvian. British explorers discover new Machu Picchu.
Lima. Apr. 01 (ANDINA)- Peruvian and British explorers say they have discovered a lost Inca city on a peak in the Andes that was used as a place of resistance against Spanish conquerors.

According to the BBC News website. the site -which w...

News: Over 1.200 tourists visited Machu Picchu on its reopening day.
Lima. Apr. 01 (ANDINA).- On its reopening day. over 1.200 tourists visited Peru's top attraction Machu Picchu. the Inca citadel of declared Cultural Patrimony of Humanity. reported the director of Peru's National Institute of Culture (INC). Cecilia Bákula.


News: Susan Sarandon invites Hollywood stars to visit Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu.
Lima. Apr. 01 (ANDINA).- US actress Susan Sarandon seemed very greatly astonished at how amazing the citadel of Machu Picchu looked. Astonishment resulted in her inviting Hollywood stars to visit Peru and the Inca sanctuary.

To the rhythm of pututos (conch shell used as trumpets in Andean religious music) and in ...

News: Machu Picchu mayor welcomes Susan Sarandon before heading to Inca Citadel.
Machu Picchu. Apr. 01 (ANDINA).- In the midst of dancing. US actress Susan Sarandon arrived at Machu Picchu town railway station. from where she will reach the Inca citadel to precede the reopening ceremony of the historic sanctuary.

The delegation arrived at the railway station at 09:30 hours. During the journey. th...

News: Machu Picchu reopens today. welcomes visitors with music and folklore.
Lima. Apr. 01 (ANDINA)- Machu Picchu. Peru’s mayor tourist attraction and one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. is set to re-open today with a ceremony to be attended by government officials. special guests. including actress Susan Sarandon. and many tourists.

Visitors will be greeted with a welcoming...

News: Machu Picchu people offer special welcome in reopening of Inca Citadel.
Town of Machu Picchu. Mar. 31 (ANDINA)- The people of the district of Machu Picchu. also known as Aguas Calientes. will offer a special welcome to the first visitors who arrive tomorrow to the reopening of the Inca citadel. the mayor Edgar Miranda reported Wednesday.

In declarations to Andina news agency. he highlight...

News: Machu Picchu to reopen Thursday.
Lima. Mar. 31 (ANDINA)- Machu Picchu. South America’s celebrated tourist attraction and one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. is set to re-open to tourists on 1 April 2010 after flooding earlier in the year forced it to close.

Landslides and flooding caused by torrential January rains destroyed the rail l...

News: Susan Sarandon to visit Machu Picchu.
Lima. Mar. 30 (ANDINA)- Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon will visit the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. after her stay in the southern department of Puno. where she visited the Titicaca lake. the main attraction of this area. according to latest reports.

The actress visited tourist attractions in Cusco and tas...

News: Machu Picchu reopening celebrated with 'Payment to the Earth' ceremony.
Cusco. Mar. 30 (ANDINA)- The reopening of Machu Picchu Inca citadel. scheduled for Thursday. will be celebrated with a 'Payment to the Earth' ceremony at the Explanade of the Koricancha Temple. located in the city of Cusco. south east of the country.

The event takes place at 20:00 hours (local time) and the organization is in charge ...

News: Chan Chan citadel promoted in Huanchaco resort.
Trujillo. Mar. 30 (ANDINA)- The Chan Chan archaeological complex and its reconstruction works are being promoted through a photographic exhibition in Huanchaco resort. located in the province of Trujillo. La Libertad department.

The 110 Executing Unit in charge of the reconstrcution works said that the exhi...

News: Susan Sarandon visits Lake Titicaca. Andean communities in Puno .
Puno. Mar. 29 (ANDINA)- Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon is traveling around Peru and today she will visit Lake Titicaca and the floating islands of Uros in Puno region.

After visiting tourist attractions in Cusco and tasting dishes prepared with guinea pig and corn. she arrived Sunday morning in...

News: Hollywood star Susan Sarandon arrives in Cusco.
Cusco. Mar. 26 (ANDINA)- US actress Susan Sarandon arrived early Friday in the Andean city of Cusco. southeastern Peru. to support a tourism promotion campaign dubbed 'Cusco Pone' (Cusco Rocks).

The Academy Award-winning actress arrived at 10.35 (15.35 GMT) in a commer...
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