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Best Scorpyd Crossbows for Deer Hunting, Cheap Scorpyd Tremor Crossbow Review

The Scorpyd Tremor is the newest crossbow from Scorpyd. The company is known for building high-performance crossbows that are durable and a great ally in the field. The Tremor boasts a velocity of 470 fps with another model that packs 420 fps. I really like it because it is the best crossbow for beginners on the market.

The Tremor is available with an Acudraw Pro cocking mechanism or a short sled cocker(the sled cocker is not included with the Acudraw Pro variant). We went for the 470 fps Acudraw Pro version for this review.

Both models are accompanied by a Hawke XB30 COMPACT 1.5-6X36 scope, a 4-arrow quiver, 12 arrows (Scorpyd SPEC Black Eagle Arrows .001), and Grim Reaper Fixed Blade or Mechanical Broadhead (3 Pack), String stops, scope rail, limb saver sling, and butt pad and Scorpion Venom Lube kit.

We've also reviewed the Scorpyd Aculeus and Deathstalker.

Scorpyd Crossbows

First Impressions of Scorpyd Crossbows Best Crossbow for Deer Hunting

The Scorpyd Tremor has a total length of 35 inches, a width (axle-to-axle) of 15.9 inches uncocked, and 9.1 inches cocked.

The crossbow weighs 7.9 pounds bare, with Accudraw that makes it over 9 pounds without the scope, which is slightly on the heavy side for a high-performance crossbow of this caliber. The Tenpoint Vapor is more lightweight as is the Ravin 29X.

Scorpyd Tremor Crossbow Specs

Speed Length Width Axle-to-Axle (cocked/uncocked) Weight Power Stroke Draw weight
470 fps 35" 15.9"/9.1" 7.8 lbs 18.5″ 185 lbs
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Assembly of Scorpyd Crossbow Best Crossbow for The Money

The Tremor arrived almost ready to shoot. We only had to attach the quiver bracket by inserting two screws into the threaded holes on the bottom side of the foot stirrup.

We also mounted the optional tripod bracket. You have to place it on the bottom side of the riser. Now you'll only have to mount the scope and you're set!

Design and Durability

The Scorpyd Tremor has a reverse draw design. Reverse draw crossbows give greater performance and efficiency compared to traditional crossbow designs.

On reverse draw crossbows, the riser is placed near the center of the crossbow which results in much better balance.

Reverse draw crossbows utilize an inverted style cam, where the string comes off the front of the cam instead of the back of the cam. The tips of the Limbs go out away from you instead of back towards you.

This increases the power stroke by the diameter of the cam, and the string starts out in front of the riser when the bow is at rest and is latched behind the riser when the bow is cocked which also increases power stroke.

The Scorpyd Tremor features a medium let-off cam, making the crossbow easier to cock and there is lower sear pressure, less string wear, and a lighter trigger pull.

The Scorpyd is comfortable to hold and shoulder. It features a folding stock with magnetic closure.

Scorpyd really made this crossbow last you multiple seasons. It has CNC engineered cams with sealed ball bearings and stainless steel axles.

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Optics for Scorpyd Crossbows Best Crossbow for Women

The Scorpyd Tremor comes with a decent Hawke XB30 COMPACT 1.5-6X36 scope. This scope has a full length of 9.3 inches and weighs 15.1 oz.

The scope features a fully multi-coated 14-layer lens with aim points from 20 – 100 yards with 5-yard marks. 10-yard aim points incorporate windage bars and dots to compensate for 10 mph and 20 mph crosswinds.

The scope has red illumination for nighttime hunting and an XB30 Compact SR reticle. Distance aim points are calibrated to match the crossbow ballistics. You can easily adjust the speed selector (magnification) to match the crossbow's speed. The scope has 3-inch eye relief.

Sighting In

We recommend that you start at a distance of 10 yards and make sure that there is an adequate backstop behind your target. Using a bench rest will allow you to sight in your crossbow much quicker than merely holding it. Shoot one arrow at a time at the target to get a base point of impact.

While the crossbow is NOT cocked, lay your crossbow on a solid surface, preferably in a gun vise, aim at the same point you previously aimed at, and chase your crosshairs to your arrow.

Unless you enjoy purchasing arrows, we recommend that you do not shoot at the same spot on your target. Back up to 20 yards, and repeat the step. Use the top crosshair (or dot) for your 20-yard sight.

Best Crossbow for Beginners

Cocking of Scorpyd Crossbow Best Crossbow for Beginners

The Scorpyd Tremor is very easy to cock due to the Accudraw Pro. The ACUdraw Pro converts crossbow draw weights to a mere 8.5-pounds! It features a newly designed internal gear system that silently cocks the crossbow and reduces the number of cranks needed to do so.

The safety must be in the "F" or fire position to enable the crossbow to be cocked. This is the only time the safety should be in the FIRE position, other than when you are ready to shoot.

The ACUdraw PRO cocks a crossbow an incredible 43 percent faster than previous ACUdraw models. The downside of Accudraw Pro is that it doesn't allow you to decock the crossbow besides firing.


The Scorpyd Tremor comes with a great 2.5# Scorpyd factory trigger; The Sear-LOC Trigger System. This is one of the best trigger systems in the industry today.

The Sear-LOC Trigger System is adjustable and features silent safety and anti-dryfire. Unlike many of the other brands, which actually fire the string a short distance, the Kempf-TEC ADF actually prevents the latch from releasing the bowstring if there is no arrow present.

Kempf-TEC places the safety bar directly under the seer lever. So long as the safety is on, it is impossible for the latch to release the string. The safety lever is placed just above the pistol grip of the stock, putting it in just the right place to disengage when ready for the shot.

So long as the Kempf-TEC latch assembly is properly used, it will function with superb reliability!

Best Crossbow for Target Shooting

Performance of Scorpyd Crossbow Best Crossbow for Target Shooting

The Tremor is capable to reach max speeds of 470 fps with a 375-grain arrow. Scorpyd crossbows shoot very well and have great balance, but their width can be annoying in tight quarters and their weight becomes a big drawback when you start looking at what the competition offers.

The Scorpyd Tremor 470 fps model has a draw weight of 185 pounds and the 420 fps model has a draw weight of 135 pounds.

We speed-rated the 470 fps Tremor with 375-grain arrows. First shot: 467 fps, second: 469, third: 472, fourth: 468, fifth: 473! That is even more than Scorpyd advertised!

The Tremor is very well balanced and remarkably accurate short-range and over long distances. If you are capable you should expect (with matched arrows) 1.5 to 2.0 in groups at 100 yards.

We also tested the Grim Reaper broadheads and we had good results, no significant decline in accuracy!

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Crossbow Arrows and Broadheads Best Crossbow for Sale Online

Scorpyd Crossbows have a longer power stroke than traditional crossbows, which is why we use arrows that are at least 20" long. We also recommend that you use arrows with a spine stiffness rating of 300 or greater (250-150).

We recommend sticking with Black Eagle Executioners. The Scorpyd SPEC Black Eagle Arrows 22-inch carbon crossbow arrows have a 001" straightness. They are designed for superior performance, bringing you speed, kinetic energy, and accuracy.

Scorpyd also requires the use of certain style nocks in all of our crossbows. The "Q" nock, made by Firenock, comes in many arrows sold by Scorpyd. The "Q" nock looks like a conventional vertical bow nock and actually snaps onto the bow's string.

Black Eagle Scorpyd spec arrows come with a proprietary capture nock. If you opt for an illuminated nock, the "Q" nock accepts all lighted circuits made by Firenock. The second style nock is the capture style nock made by Lumenok.

You can buy the arrows and the broadheads at

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Summary Best Crossbow for Elk Hunting

Scorpyd has once again created one of the fastest crossbows that are currently on the market. The Scorpyd Tremor is a reliable crossbow made for those who like speed and accuracy. The Tremor reaches speeds of 470 FPS with 370 Grain arrow. The crossbow is also incredibly well built, durable and reliable, and it features one of the best trigger systems in the industry. The combination of all of these elements makes the Tremor a fantastic crossbow.

What We Like What We Don't Like
  • Fast and Accurate
  • Easy and silent cocking
  • Great 100-yard professional hunting scope
  • Crossbow in your choice of draw weight
  • Extremely easy to tune
  • Fantastic adjustable trigger with a lighter pull (less than 2#)
  • Heavyweight
  • Easy and silent cocking
  • No decocking with Acudraw Pro
  • No official crossbow case
  • Not friendly enough for beginners